Judson and Sharon are ready to make your real estate experience a successful one!
They Do Things Right For YOU!

Judson and Sharon are ready to make your real estate experience a successful one! They do things right for YOU!

Common Questions From Buyers:

Buyer Question  #1 Does it matter which realtor you choose to work with to buy a home?

It is critically important which realtor you select to help you find your dream home! Buying a home is a complicated business. Mistakes could literally cost you thousands of dollars or the missed opportunity of owning the home of your dreams. As a Buyer, you are always in competition with all of the other buyers who are looking to buy your dream home. There is a vast difference in the level of expertise and quality of service provided by Realtors. Give yourself the advantage of working with the Very Best! Work with Judson and Sharon and  get these Value-Added Services that will make a big difference for you! Judson and Sharon and their highly trained Buyer Agents who focus on nothing else but finding the perfect home for you. They are not taken out of focus like most other Realtors who are listing properties, making brochures, following escrows and, in their spare time, trying to show homes to buyers. 100% of Judson & Sharon, as well as the Buyer Agents' time is spent on finding your dream home. Judson and Sharon have other assistants who handle all of the other activities and business details involved in real estate. In addition, because our Buyer Agents spend their entire time previewing properties, they know the market inside and out, thus saving your valuable time by only showing you homes that meet your needs.

Sharon & Judson's exclusive Buyer Instant Notification Program
instantly notifies them about properties coming on the market that meet your needs. Through their highly sophisticated computer search system, Judson and Sharon and staff constantly alert you about properties that meet your requirements as they hit the market and before most other Realtors and buyers even know about them. They have access to the large MLS inventory of homes for sale and their own inventory of homes for sale that are in move-in condition and properly priced. Because they are well trained and have immediate access to all homes new on the market and they list more homes than most agents, Judson & Sharon know about the great homes coming on the market. They respond quickly for you before these homes are bought, which is an advantage for you, the buyer. Sharon & Judson's expert negotiation skills help their buyers get their dream homes at the best possible price and at terms most favorable to them. They have  helped  a long list of satisfied families move into and within tbe Albuquerque Area. Judson & Sharon's customer service, real estate expertise and negotiation skills have helped them with their goal to have a long list of satisfied customers for life.

Judson and Sharon McCollum and staff are a highly trained team of real estate experts, each working together to make sure that all of the important details are handled perfectly ... and at no cost to you! They do things right for YOU!

Buyer Concern  #2  Are successful realtors too busy to pay attention to my buying needs?

Judson & Sharon are very busy selling a lot of homes because their professional Buyer Agents work effectively and with total focus on their buyers' needs. Their Buyer Agents who work with them are top professionals who have undergone extensive advanced training in servicing the needs of buyers. They focus 100% of their time and effort in touring homes, counseling buyers and showing properties which gives them a mastery of the marketplace which is invaluable to our buyer clients. It not only saves time but also offers and expertise and market perspective which our buyers find highly beneficial. In addition, our Buyer Agents employ the latest technology and computer systems in order to insure that everything possible is done to find your dream home and with the least inconvenience to you. Just one example is their Buyer Instant Notification Program which is a highly sophisticated computerized program that keeps our buyers constantly informed about new properties coming on the market. . and usually before anyone else knows about them. Too busy? No ... but very busy getting our buyers the homes of their dreams and at good market value with terms most favorable to them.

Buyer Question #3:  Does it matter which realtor I work with to buy a home?
They all have access to the same information. Yes, it matters! ... and, it makes a HUGE difference! Having access to information and knowing what it means are two different things. Buying a home involves a careful, knowledgeable analysis of the available homes on the market as well as an integral knowledge of financing, contracts, inspections, negotiations and a hundred other things, each vitally important to a successful purchase. Mistakes in any area could cost you thousands of dollars and turn your dream home into a nightmare. Judson and Sharon have a proven track record of success over many years in helping buyers move into their dream homes. Buying a home is too important to work with anyone less than experts in the process of  negotiating and  buying a home.  

Buyer Question #4:  Does it really matter if I get prequalified or pre approved for a loan?

It really does matter. Not having your financing at least started up front could cost you money and maybe the home of your dreams. Sellers generally do not want to take the risk of accepting an offer from an unqualified buyer. They've all heard the horror stories of someone who accepted an offer from someone who couldn't get a mortgage loan and had their home tied up and off the market for months. If they do accept the questionable offer, they usually insist that the buyer pay the highest possible price. Having an offer from a prequalified or, better yet, pre-approved buyer gives the sellers a certain confidence that the sale will go through allowing them to finalize their plans and move ahead. This confidence factor is worth money to the sellers in the form of a reduced sale price. Judson and Sharon McCollum and Buyer Agents have expert contacts at financing and can assist you in getting your finances in order so that you are in the best buying position possible, negotiating from a position of strength instead of uncertainty.